Up, up & away!

Hi everyone,

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet, I’ve had my 7th Birthday and back into the full swing of school!

So, something a little exciting finished being built today – MY lift!

Now, I already know this is MY lift and certainly not my little sister Phoebe’s!! 😉

I know it’s for me because of my duchenne, but as Mummy has said I can only use it if my leggies feel tired – if they’re good, I crawl/walk up the stairs. This lift will save Mummy’s back when papa isn’t home.

This is one of the final pieces to be put into our adapted home – I’m really happy about it.
Mummy is however a little shell shocked to actually see it – maybe tell her things will be ok when you next see her or daddy. At this time of year I’m told a hug never hurts 💙

Thanks for watching – lift rides have now started a chez Eames!!!

Still fighting the fight against Duchenne

Love William



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