Scoot to Disneyworld Florida – are you up for a New Year challenge?

William has always wanted a scooter, but due to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy he cannot physically scoot.

This Christmas his little sister got her first 2-wheel scooter, he was happy for her, but we do wonder what is going through his little inquisitive mind…  So, we have had some trials, and are due a couple more, but William will be getting his very own scooter…. with your help.

We want to give him some independence – drive himself to school, around the shops (when we can go back to them), keep up with his sister or friends and not have mummy or daddy pushing him. The only thing is his scooter is a disability scooter. It is not £100, its more like £2,500. So again, we are hit with the extra-large cost to provide our disabled son with an equitable life to that of his sister and peers.

This scooter will give him his first ever independence – and possibly mummy a heart attack letting him loose in public on it!

He has had a taster, and he’s raring to get one, can you help us get there with this new year challenge?

So, the challenge, should you choose to accept is to help up scoot to Disneyworld Florida through the month of January. Why Disneyworld? If you know William you will know how much he loves funfairs, theme parks and Disney. His ‘Make A Wish’ this year (which is still postponed due to COVID-19) was to go to Disneyland Paris. He talks about Disney every day …. “when we go to Disneyland….” is the start of lots of conversations!

A Scooter travels at 6.4kmph.
Disneyworld Florida is 6987km from our home. 
This equates to 1091.7 hours of activity.

Please help us get that scooter and join us scooting across the ocean to Disneyworld! We smashed our last challenge completing over 888 hours in November so I know we can do it again, but better!

To join us it’s simple:
Donate here:
Join TEAMDWAD on Strava and log your hours with running, jogging or cycling.
We start to count on Monday 4th January and aim to finish on Sunday 31st January.


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