Launch of ‘Defending William Against Duchenne’


A message from William’s mummy and daddy on the official launch of ‘Defending William against Duchenne’ on William’s 5th Birthday:

“So many people have asked how they can help us since William’s diagnosis in January 2016, and so many of you have been kind in words, gestures, love, thoughts and fundraising over this time.

We have raised over £16,300 for our chosen charities since diagnosis two years ago, so now it’s time to allow you all to help William directly, something you’ve been asking for a while.

It is hard as a parent to accept that you cannot provide all that your child needs, but we’ve accepted it (well we are trying) and accepted all of you and your love into our lives.

2 years on and it’s time for Team Eames to accept help and develop ‘stage 1’ of our changing life, to start our house adaptations – William’s Big Build!

We purchased this house, in a village we love, to develop it; but never knew we would be extending, widening and adapting in this way. It’s not what we want and it’s a huge expense, an expense we just don’t have, but what choice is there?

William needs a home he can move around safely in, already we are finding:

  • He can’t use the stairs at bedtime, so mummy must carry him up (not good for my back).
  • Our bathroom (downstairs!) has no bath and 3 steep steps down to it – he’d love a splash with his sister in a big bath.
  • We have no toilet/bathroom upstairs and, as he can’t use the stairs, he can’t go during the night so must stay in bedtime pull-ups.
  • Our front door has a step and is too narrow for a wheelchair – it needs relocating!
  • All the doors need widening for wheelchair access and flow.

And so, so much more…

Not your average build, certainly NOT on our original wish list of life.


So, on to the reason I say this: we need help, William needs help!

What’s your forte?

Quiz, raffle, crazy feat, masquerade ball, bake sale, party, fun run, gin tasting evening!

Are you in a band, run a shop or part of a sports club – have you thought about bucket collections?

Are you part of a sports team that selects local charities for big games?

Does your business have a charity of the year?

Are you a school that would do a non-uniform day or a charity bake?

Would your team like a sponsor?

Just a thought or two!


Whatever your idea; we’ll run with it!


We want to raise awareness of William and Duchenne – we need a cure, but we also need to ensure a fabulous life for our boy too.

Pass this on to your friends and family please share, share, share!”


Barclays Bank account: Defending William Against Duchenne

Account Number: 83768740

Sort Code: 20-05-73


All proceeds donated into this unincorporated charity will be used for the development, wellbeing and happiness of William Eames. 


Keep up with all our news on the big build and William’s developments:



Twitter: @DefndwilliamDMD


Instagram: defendingwilliamdmd


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